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The Yoga-at-Work Advantage

Grow Yoga brings yoga directly to you. We provide a Yoga Alliance-certified teacher and yoga mats. You provide the students — your employees — and the classroom space. Classes usually meet one to two times per week, and sessions can be of any duration of eight weeks or more, whatever is most convenient for your group and budget process.

Health is Wealth.

It's as simple as that. When we are healthy, we are better able to face challenges and give our best to whatever endeavor we undertake.

Recent research indicates that companies who offer yoga and wellness programs to their employees reduce their annual health insurance premiums, and thereby improve their bottom line. According to a recent study on worksite health programs, corporations realized $3-$6 in savings for every $1 invested in wellness programs. The same study showed more than a 25% average reduction in health-care costs for well-designed programs (American Journal of Health Promotion).

Why Yoga-at-Work?

Yoga-at-Work is a low-cost and innovative solution for companies wanting to reduce health care expenses, relieve workplace stress and promote employee well-being. The performance of a corporation depends on the performance of its key assets — employees. Healthy employees are more productive and more cost effective.

Workplace Benefits:

  • Improves concentration, decision-making skills and ability to multi-task;
  • Reduces multiple costs of stress-related illnesses and absenteeism;
  • Improves employee alertness and productivity and ability to react more calmly in demanding situations
  • Relieves head, neck and back strain, carpal tunnel syndrome, insomnia, high blood pressure and work-related injuries from repetitive motion and/or lifting and moving objects;
  • Creates better customer service;
  • Enhances employee attitude and outlook; and
  • Promotes well-being in the workplace and reduces employee turnover.

Yoga for Other Groups

Our Yoga-at-Work program can easily be adapted for other groups such as schools, apartment complexes, athletic teams and more!

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